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Single Dwelling Units

Our base offering includes the popular, simple and efficient standalone single family residence. With our advanced forming technology, these units are assembled quickly and easily by local contractors with minimal training and experience, yet the technology assures long-term reliability throughout the seasons.

Architectural Planning

We provide A-to-Z architectural planning services to assure that our design satisfies property conditions, applicable governmental regulations and customer needs and desires, leading to cost-effective and timely construction. We take the "surprise" out of affordable turnkey housing.

New Construction

We employ local vendors, labor and professionals to bring efficient construction techniques supporting the local economy, supervised by highly experienced managers. This enables us to turn raw, vacant land to not only modern residences but genuine enjoyable communities on a highly cost-effective -- and speedy -- basis.


Economical Construction

Cost- competitive across geographies

High Speed Of Construction

Sustainable speed of construction through simplified construction processes to provide labor as needed

High Quality Of Construction

Rigorous quality control by construction stages & phases


Scalability (Rapid Expansion)

Large Number Of Repeatable Units Across Geographies

Respond to different constraints related to land availability, local terrain, consumer requirements

Current and Future Projects

Project 1


Project 2


Gabon Project 6

Gabon Project 4

Project 3


Gabon Project 5

Joseph Gatt

Joseph Gatt

“Previously, I started from scratch and built the first cell phone industries in a dozen African countries –sorely needed to advance economy and lives of the people. Now I am building affordable homes, by the thousands, where they are needed most, like the ones you see behind me in the Ivory Coast.”

What Our Clients Say

Major Col. Konan Kouame
Director General Fonds de Prevoyance
Militaire Abidjan Ivory Coast

“As Director General of The FPM in Côte d’Ivoire, for which GFS is building vv1500 homes, I wholly endorse and recommend GFS for affordable housing.


We are extremely pleased with GFS’s professionalism, work quality and responsiveness to our needs, and ability to work cooperatively and effectively with GFS as their partner. We are also especially grateful that GFS is able to give us a real variety of homes for our citizens, both a one and two-bedroom, and apartment buildings, too.”

Scott M. Coulombe
Director of Business Development
Methuen Construction

“As a life-long construction professional, I unconditionally recommend GFS Housing for start-to-finish mass, affordable housing projects. Joe
Gatt brings a wealth of infrastructure experience, and I am confident under his leadership, GFS Housing can and will deliver the homes that not only meet economic needs, but offer truly enjoyable community environments.”

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